Water Sports


We’ve got the water, if you want to make waves! For water-skiing, canoeing, wind-surfing, jetskiing and more, Msinsi Resorts and Game Reserves offer you opportunities to enjoy the best of watersports in spectacular surroundings, yet close to major centres in KZN. Check here for where you can make the most of your favourite watersports options at our resorts and reserves…

Albert Falls/Bon Accorde Nagle Inanda Hazelmere
Canoeing  √
Yachting  √
Windsurfing  √
Water-skiing x  √
Wake-boarding x  √
Jet-skiing X x  √
Power-boating x  √
Electric ‘sneaker’ motorised craft  √

Just 40km from the bustling heart of Durban, you can tackle world-renowned rock climbs in a dramatically beautiful bushveld reserve at Shongweni Dam and Game Reserve – thanks to the sandstone cliffs through which the river has scored its path for many millions of years.

As well as excellent walls to scale, wind and weather have also helped erode the cliffs to create some of the finest and most challenging overhangs.

Two of the best have been named The Wave Cave and The Rasta Cave. According to the different international systems, they’ve been rated in the 30s (SA); 5.13 (USA); and 8 (France).

Here’s what climber Roger Nattrass had to say when he first tackled the rock climbs at Shongweni Dam and Game Reserve:

  • “The most awe-inspiring piece of rock in KwaZulu-Natal.”
  • “This is a rock for the year 2000 and beyond!”
  • “Super steep and immaculately clean rock.”


You can also arrange dam abseiling, rock climbing, river kayaking and bushcraft outings for families, corporate and learners of all levels through our business partners Spirit of Adventure and Scott’s Teambuilding.